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It is worth a million words without having uttered a single word. This tale, told in silence, highlighting the beauty and effectiveness of Galaxy is sure to sweep you off your feet. Supreme quality of products and an unshakeable trust in simplicity from the very foundation of Galaxy. Its everlasting bond with customers and its producers has helped the company carve a niche out for itself in the sanitary ware and tiles segment.

Way back in 1992, when Galaxy was established in Morbi, it was among an elite group. Then Galaxy was then among two companies producing sanitary ware and was the only one manufacturing tiles.

That was the humble beginning and there has been no turning back since then. Galaxy today is an expert in varied fields and has successfully become a pathfinder for many others.

At a time when there were but just a few players in this industry, Galaxy took the lead in exporting sanitary ware produced in its manufacturing units at Morbi. Today, Galaxy enjoys a strong presence in international markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The secret of success for this company is ensconced in its motto-“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication.�?/p>

Attention to detail is the other factor that has kept the company ahead in terms of product quality, customer satisfaction and success. Priority is given to even minute details in design and production. These facets make our products unparalleled among all in the industry. Our products are perfect for those who have eyes for elegance and sophistication.

The company is equipped with a modern Laboratory that maintains and improves the quality standards and specification that forms the basis of customer satisfaction in India and other western countries.